Tracking Receivers

  • GD DTR

    Digital Tracking Receiver

    L-band range of 950 - 2050 MHz

    L,S,C,X,Ku, and Ka-band single and multi-band configurations available

    Single/Dual direct-connect polarization inputs

    Wide input signal dynamic range (70 dBm nominal)

    Outstanding sensitivity (minimum C/No is better than 35 dB-Hz)

    Fully synthesized tuning with 1 kHz tuning steps

    User-selectable tracking slope

    Spectral Display

  • GD Model 500

    Tracking Receiver

    Dual touch screen display system with intuitive user interface

    Embedded control and DSP processors

    Digital or analog receiver

    Up to 4 internal block down converters for any frequency band combination from L to Ka

    Dual 100MB Ethernet and EIA-422 serial ports

    Internal L-Band test signal generator