Norsat EBPF-C-3


C-Band Extreme Bandpass Filter

Frequency Range: 3.754 to 4.200 GHz


   60 dB min. at 3.736 GHz

   25 dB min. at 4.230 GHz



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eBPF-C Series

A high-performance band pass filter with a narrow guard band that is easy to install, environmentally sealed, and moisture resistant. Delivers additional 5G rejection for the 3200-BPF series of LNB and C-Band Band Pass Filters.

• Rejects terrestrial interference in C-Band (5G, Radar and C-Band transmitter)

• Exceptional performance with narrow, < 20 MHz, guard band

• Easily installed between the feed and LNB for new and existing installations

• Suitable for use with Norsat’s C-Band LNBs

• Environmentally sealed and moisture resistant (IP66)

3.754 - 4.2 GHz

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