Norsat 3100F-BPF-2


C-Band 5G Interference LNB

C-Band LNB and Bandpass Filter

3000-BPF Series

Input Frequency: 3.625 – 4.20 GHz

LO Stability: ±10 kHz

Rejection Range:<3.525 GHz and >4.8 GHz



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3000-BPF Series

There is concern in the industry that 5G’s high-powered omni-directional signals would overpower existing C-band signals, disrupting the delivery of broadcast content. 5G in‐band transmissions received by the Earth stations could drive regular LNBs into saturation or produce unwanted intermodulation products which degrade the desired signal from the satellite. Earth stations may be fitted with 5G Interference mitigating C-band LNBs with internal filters to prevent service disruption. Norsat’s advanced C-band 5G Interference LNB is the perfect solution for broadcasters, media houses, TV distributors and other C-band users.

•  Rejects terrestrial interference in C-band (5G, Radar and C-Band transmitter)

•  In the same housing as Norsat 3000 LNBs

•  Mitigates interference signals less than -25 dBm with no degradation

•  Can be used with Norsat’s BPF-C for additional 5G rejection

Input Frequency
3.625 - 4.2 GHz
LO Frequency
5.15 GHz
LO Stability
±10 kHz
3.625 - 4.2 GHz
Rejection Range
Less than 3.525 GHz
Rejection Range
More than 4.8 GHz

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