GD Model 500

Tracking Receiver

Dual touch screen display system with intuitive user interface

Embedded control and DSP processors

Digital or analog receiver

Up to 4 internal block down converters for any frequency band combination from L to Ka

Dual 100MB Ethernet and EIA-422 serial ports

Internal L-Band test signal generator


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Model 500 Tracking Receiver


The Model 500 series of tracking receivers provides a high quality, cost effective solution as a beacon receiver for satellite tracking, spectrum display, and uplink power control (UPC) receiver source.

  • Configurable for tracking receiver, spectrum display or uplink power control

  • Inputs for 950-2150 MHz L-Band, single or multiband with converters for S/C/X/Ku/Ka

  • Single or dual polarization inputs

  • Acquire C/No 35 dB-Hz Digital, 40 dB-Hz Analog

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • Dynamic range > 90 dB

  • Monopulse capability (with optional RF plate)

  • Quick-Lock acquisition (<1 second)

The RF front end is a three stage conversion system for enhanced sensitivity and selectivity. The analog to digital converter (ADC) inputs are digitized at 16 MHz and are transferred to a 500 MHz, 32-bit Digital Signal Processor for real-time analysis.

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