GD Model 930A

Antenna Control System

Tracking, Pointing, and Acquisition modes

Ideal for single AC motor (per axis) antennas

Stable to 5° inclined GEO targets


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Model 930A Antenna Control System

The latest Antenna Control System, the Model 930A, offers economical satellite tracking and control. It is ideally suited for single AC fixed antennas and includes an Antenna Control Unit (ACU), Internal Tracking Receiver (TRU) and a Power Drive Unit (PDU).  The Model 930A is our intended replacement for our long-standing Model 7134 Antenna Controller and is backwards compatible with our reliable Model 7150 Power Drive Units. The 930A is supported 24/7/365 days a year by our technical support team.

  • Precision Satellite Tracking and Control

  • Ethernet Interface

  • Full Software Upgradeability


The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Model 930A Antenna Control System comprises an Antenna Control Unit (ACU), internal Tracking Receiver Unit (TRU) and a Power Drive Unit (PDU).

Antenna Control Unit

The Antenna Control Unit (ACU) is the primary control and monitor interface point for the entire system, featuring a friendly touch screen windowed interface.

  • Easy touch screen operation

  • Informative display with color readouts

  • Extensive diagnostic monitoring and test capabilities

  • Supervisory Control Link

  • (Ethernet; TCP/IP or RS-232/422).

  • Fully software field upgradable

Internal Receiver

  • 950 - 2150 GHz L-Band input

  • 45 dB - Hz C /N

  • -80 to -10 dBm input

Portable Maintenance Unit

The Portable Maintenance Unit (PMU) provides manually commanded, bi-directional control of all axes.

  • Hand held ruggedized unit with a pendant cable for convenient local operation at the antenna

  • Backup means of moving antenna and is ACU independent

  • Modes include position jog and Hi/Lo speed

  • Optional weather proof access junction boxes at convenient antenna locations

System Options

  • Extended low temperature operation

  • Extended Warranty

  • PDU configurable for various motor sizes and polarization controls.

  • E-Stops in panel mount or J-Box

Multi-Speed Inverter PDU

The Power Drive Unit (PDU) provides digital control to the AC drive motors. It also provides controlled acceleration and deceleration profile & speed regulation range of up to 15:1 with conventional inverter rated AC motor (antenna system dependant).

The inverter PDU’s are free-standing, housed in an NEMA 4 (IP66 equivalent) aluminum enclosure and contains the electrical/mechanical components necessary to move the antenna. The PDU contains an internal fan for ambient air circulation and “hot spot” avoidance and an optional thermostat controlled, internal heater for cold weather operations.

A lockable handle secures the access door while the system is operating. A Lockout, Tagout power disconnect is provided on the cabinet exterior.

Communication within the system via Ethernet between ACU, TRU, and PDU by a dedicated controller. A second Ethernet controller and port provides independent connection to M&C or customer WAN.

System design minimizes cable installation cost and complexity, and allows for flexible site layout.


  • 1:1 Resolver (standard)

  • 0.0055° Resolution,

  • 0.05° Accuracy

  • Standard 16 bit

AC Motor Support

  • Single or multiple inverter duty windings.

  • Optional Handcrank interlock.

  • 208-480v 3 phase voltage windings available.

  • Overtemp interlock.

  • Up to 5 HP standard, larger upon request.

Tracking Accuracy - Enhanced Memory Track

Normally better than 5% of the receive beamwidth in winds of 30 mph gusting to 45 mph, satellite inclination of up to 5º and signal scintillation of up to 2 dB.

Pointing Accuracy

Normally better than 10% of the receive beamwidth, RMS in winds of 30 mph gusting to 45 mph. This includes all drive train errors, but excludes structural errors between the position transducers and RF beam.

FACTORY REFERENCE: Model 9301 Antenna Control System

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