Swedish Microwave Quad-link Fiber System Receiver


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• 4x L-band forward channels + 10MHz return channel over a single fiber using a direct modulated 1550 nm
laser and CWDM – Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing.
• AGC – Automatic Gain Control and optional Fixed Gain for large antennas and Beacon applications.
• Up to 40 km depending on link budget with very high C/N maintained.
• High P1dB and IP3

Fully outdoor proof

• Both the transmitter and the receiver unit packaged in a compact outdoor rugged aluminum enclosure.
• -40° to +80°C fully operating temp range.
• Highly rugged push on, quick connect, fiber connector on both units.


• 4 x L-band fiber link in any direction simply by swapping location of the receiver/transmitter pair.
• Carries any 290 – 3000 (Opt. 50 – 2750) MHz RF signal – Satcom, Terrestrial TV, GPS, FM etc.
• Ideal to mount on the satellite antenna or structure, without using a bulky separate outdoor enclosure.
• Built in Bias-tees and 10MHz ref diplexer.
• Available with custom options.


• Single fiber connection to one Quattro LNB equipped satcom antenna
• Single fiber connection to 4 separate single or multiband LNB’s
• Single fiber connection to multiband or multiple BUC’s

SMW Quad-link Fiber System Receiver

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