iDirect Evolution® X5 Satellite Router
  • iDirect Evolution® X5 Satellite Router

iDirect X5 Satellite Router



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Data sheet

iDirect Model
iDirect X5
Network Topology
Star (DVB-S2/ACM Outbound + Multi Frequency D-TDMA or SCPC Return*)
Downstream DVB-S2 or (iNFINITI TDM): LDPC, 1/4 – 8/9 (Turbo, 0.495 – 0.879); Upstream ATDMA or (SCPC Return): TPC*, 0.431 – 0.793 2D 16-State, 1/2 - 6/7 (SCPC Return: 2D 16-State, 1/2 - 6/7);
Max. Symbol Rate
Downstream DVB-S2 or (iNFINITI TDM): 45 Msps (15 Msps); Upstream ATDMA or (SCPC Return): 7.5 Msps (15 Msps);
Max. Info Rate
Downstream DVB-S2 or (iNFINITI TDM): 150 Mbps1(21 Mbps² ); Upstream ATDMA or (SCPC Return): 19.2 Mbps3 (38.5 Mbps4 );
Max. Line Card IP Data Rate
Downstream DVB-S2 or (iNFINITI TDM): 149 Mbps1 (20 Mbps2 ); Upstream ATDMA or (SCPC Return): 16 Mbps3 (19.3 Mbps4 );
Max. Remote IP Data Rate
Downstream DVB-S2 or (iNFINITI TDM): 35 Mbps1 (17 Mbps2 ); Upstream ATDMA or (SCPC Return): 10 Mbps3 (18.9 Mbps4 );
Satcom Interfaces
TX Out: Type-F, 950–1700 MHz, +7dBm/-35dBm RX In: Type-F, 950–2150 MHz, -5dBm (max) composite/ -125+10*log(Fsym)dBm (min) single carrier Software controllable 10 MHz reference on TX Out and TX In ports
BUC IFL Interface
+24V, max. 70W, (120W PSU) (please refer to X3 Installation Manual for full list of supported BUCs)
LNB IFL Interface
+19V (Nominal), 500mA max DiSEqC (Voltage 14V/19V + 22KHz tone)
Data Interfaces
LAN: 10/100 Ethernet, 802.1q VLAN RS-232: RJ45 (Console connection)
Protocols Supported
TCP, UDP, ACL, ICMP, IGMP, RIP Ver2, Static Routes, NAT, DHCP, DHCP Helper, Local DNS Caching, OpenAMIP, cRTP and GRE
AES Link Encryption (256-bit) (optional)
Traffic Engineering
Group QoS, QoS (Priority Queuing and CBWFQ), Strict Priority Queuing, Application Based QoS, Minimum CIR, CIR (Static and Dynamic), Rate Limiting
Other Features
Built-in Automatic Uplink Power, Frequency and Timing Control, Authentication, Antenna Control Interface (OpenAMIP)
W 11.5 in (29.2 cm) x D 9.9 in (D25.1 cm) x H 2 in (5.1cm)
Operating Temperature
see datasheet for details
Input Voltage
100–240 VAC Universal Input, 2A, 50–60 Hz
Radio Standards
EN 301-428 v1.3.1 — Ku-Band System Level Specification; EN 301-443 v1.3.1 — C-Band System Level Specification
Safety Standards
Complies with IEC 60950, EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1, CSA C22.2 No.60950-1-03
Emission Standard
Complies with EN 55022 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B, CISPR 22 Class B, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
EMC/Immunity Standard
Complies with EN 55024, EN 301-489-1, EN 301-489-12, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-11
FCC, CE, and RoHS Compliant
*Not supported for use with DVB-S2 outbound in iDX 3.0 and above