Swedish Microwave WDL Dual output PLL LNB – Ku-Band

WDL Dual Output PLL LNB Ku Band


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The WDL-PLL LNB supports reception of full Ku-Band frequency range simultaneously with 2 LO’s for low and high band outputs.

The WDL-PLL LNB is ideal for installation in various professional applications with low symbol rate carriers.


• Full Ku-Band coverage 10.70-12.75 GHz (type E)/10.95-12.75 GHz (type B)

• Low phase noise to meet the Broadcast profile of DVB-S2, optional ultra-low phase noise model meets all profiles of DVB-S2X and also recommended for NS3 & NS4 modulation

• High P1dB and IP3

• Choose between Internal Ref. or External 10 MHz  Ref. input models

• Compact size and lightweight

• Wide operating temperature range

• Low gain option (only available in the Ultra Low Phase Noise model)

Input Frequency
10.70 - 11.70 GHz
Input Frequency
11.70 - 12.75 GHz
Input Frequency
Dual Ku
LO Frequency
9.75 GHz
LO Frequency
10.60 GHz

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