32 x 32 Enigma Extended L-Band Distributive Switch Matrix / Router

850 - 2450 MHz


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NGM-102 Enigma is a distributive (full fan-out) L-band (850-2450 MHz) Matrix, with a module/card capacity of 32 inputs x 32  outputs in a 6U 19" rack enclosure.  It provides ultra resilience with single input and output cards, and can be part populated and expanded in single increments.

 –5 dB to +5dB variable gain is provided and settable per output. Minimal impact from failure with hot-swap single input and output RF cards, dual redundant power supplies, CPU’s and fans.

The new extended L-band matrix (850-2450 MHz) is used to provide flexibility in the routing of antennas to receivers or modems; to allow remote routing of satellite signals to receivers or modems; and to help optimize the use of receiving capacity. The extended bandwidth of the Enigma Matrix is also suitable for HTS applications.

Now in its 4th generation, the Enigma L-band Matrix has proved to have genuinely high performance with excellent flatness or frequency response, excellent isolation, and linearity - a truly leading edge L-band Router. The Enigma L-band Switch matrix can also be incorporated into an overall automatic redundancy Network Management System to enhance the resilience of the overall earth station equipment.

A variety of impedances and connector types are available.


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