32 x 32 Ensign Extended L-Band Fan-in-Fan-Out Switch Matrix / Router 

with 0 - 10 dB variable gain

850 - 2450 MHz


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Model NSN-102 is the new generation Ensign Extended L-band RF Matrix with 0-10 dB Variable Gain.

The compact 6U, 32 inputs x 32 outputs matrix operates over the 850 -2450 MHz frequency range and is both Fan-In and Fan-Out (FIFO), which means that multiple inputs can be combined and the combined signal can then be routed (distributed) to multiple outputs. This is typically to allow modems access to multiple uplink chains, but it can also be used as a Transmit and Receive matrix for smaller teleports or ground stations.

The NSN-102 also benefits from secure communications with SNMPv3 & HTTPS.

A range of RF connectors and impedances are available, including BNC, Ftype and SMA in 50 Ω or 75 Ω. Model numbers will vary. See the datasheet for full RF specifications.


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