4 Way Power Splitter


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An N-Way Wilkinson power divider (splitter) has a single input port and N in-phase output ports ideally of 1/N times the input power. The input match (VSWR) of the divider is dependent upon the reflection coefficients (match) of the output terminations. Thus, the isolation between output ports is determined, in part, by any load mismatch. Since power dividers are reciprocal devices they may also be used as combiners. Power handling under mismatch loads is limited by the internal resistor rating. Power dividers are generally more broadband than hybrid couplers with better amplitude balance. We now offer Low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) versions of our power dividers.

Frequency Range
698 - 2700 MHz
1.3: 1 Max
50 Watts Avg.
Relative Humidity
5% - 95%
Operating Temperature
-35°C to +65°C
Insertion Loss
6.6 dB Max
50 Ohms
18 dB Min
Connector Type
N female
-155 dBc Min @ 2 x 43 dBm

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