Radeus 8200 ACU

Antenna Control System


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This antenna control system meets the requirements of retrofits and new installations. As a retrofit option, the 8200 ACU is compatible with industry standard drive-cabinet interfaces and legacy position-feedback devices such as absolute rotary optical encoders, standard single-speed brushless size 11 resolvers, and two-speed brushless size 20 resolvers.


  • Touchscreen controls for all operations

  • Efficient, intuitive graphical user interface

  • Hardware jog buttons with LED indicators

  • Data and parameters secured in nonvolatile storage

  • Innovative setup wizard eases installation

  • Secure TeamViewer integration for remote and shared ACU operation

  • Field-proven in critical applications

Modes of Operations

  • Manual — Front-panel buttons for two-speed, manual jog control.

  • Move to Longitude — Position to AZ and EL angles determined from the longitudinal orbital slot.

  • Move to Look Angles — Position to user-provided AZ, EL, and POL angles.

  • Step Track — Periodic algorithm to perform an AZ-EL scan pattern to peak up signal strength.

  • Predictive Track — Point the satellite dish using an orbital model created from previous peak AZ and EL step-track data points.

Optional Modes

  • TLE (Two-Line Element) — Track automated positioning based on NORAD twoline element sets.

  • INTELSAT Track — Automated tracking to AZ and EL coordinate sets derived from Intelsat 11 parameters.

  • Computer Track — Automated positioning using commanded angles supplied from an external computer.

  • Sun and Moon Track — Automated positioning to AZ and EL locations of the sun and the moon. Star Track — Automated positioning to AZ and EL locations of radio stars.

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