Norsat BT-1120


L-Band Bias Tee

10 MHz Pass Through

DC Connector: F (Female) - 75 Ohm

BUC/LNB Connector: N (Female) 50 Ohm

IF Connector: N (Female) 50 Ohm



Security policy


Delivery policy


Return policy

• Provides DC Supply to high power BUC (DC Power Supply seperate) incase modem cannot supply sufficient power

• Allows up to 3A of current injection in N-Connector Model

• Passes L-band signal

• Passes or Injects 10 MHz Reference Signal

10 MHz Injection
10 MHz Pass Through
DC Connector
F (Female) - 75 Ohm
BUC / LNB Connector
N (Female) - 50 Ohm
IF Connector
N (Female) - 50 Ohm

Specific References