Advantech X-Band 300W/350W/400W/500W/600W BUC/SSPB/SSPA


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X-Band 300W/350W/400W/500W/600W SSPA/SSPB/BUC 

Second Generation GaN Technology


Based on GaN technology the new X-Band 300W/350W/400W/500W/600W SSPA/SSPB/BUC Second Generation GaN Technology provide high power density in a compact size. Combined with the traditional Advantech Wireless features, these new series of BUCs provide the ultimate in performance and convenience. The products in the new G-Series X-Band BUCs are available as SSPA or SSPB (BUC).


Output power of up to 600W in a single package

Very High linearity

Full M&C capability via RS485 or Ethernet port

Weatherproof construction

CE marking

MIL-STD-188-164A latest revision compliant


Ethernet port

70 dB Receive Reject Filter (external)

Harmonic filter (external)


Mounting kits

External Receive Reject Filter

External Transmit Reject Filter (for RX path)

Remote M&C panel with optional SNMP

Flexible and rigid waveguides

Mounting frames

High power terminations

Replacement fans

Factory Reference: X-Band 300W/350W/400W/500W/600W SSPA/SSPB/BUC

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