Advantech 70/140 MHz - L-Band

Up or Down Converter: Single/ Dual/ Triple/ Quad Channel


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70/140 MHz – L-band Up or Down Converter: Single/ Dual/ Triple/ Quad Channel


The HP range of Advantech Wireless frequency converters uses the latest technology in conversion, local and remote control thus providing the ultimate in performance and user friendly operation at a very competitive price.

The spectral purity, low phase noise and stability exceed the requirements of all major international satellite network operators.

The flexible and comprehensive monitor and control features on the HP converter ensure that it will fit into any network management system architecture. The user-friendly front panel or the RS485 remote interface will provide full set-up and fault monitoring facilities. The RS232 will provide the Monitor and Control functions via a PC and will also allow for software downloading.

The converter is fully synthesized with the PLL oscillator either locked to a highly stable internal 10 MHz reference or if the external 10 MHz reference signal with proper power level is present, the PLL will automatically lock to the external reference.


Up to 4 embedded converters in a single 1RU chassis

Up or Down converters available

70 MHz or 140 MHz IF

125 kHz step size

Cost effective solution

950 – 1750 MHz or 950 – 2150 MHz L-Band

Fully compliant with IESS 308/309 requirements

Internal/External 10 MHz Reference with Autosensing

High linearity

Low group delay

Front panel control (local) via buttons, display and LEDs

Full remote control via RS232, RS485 or optional Ethernet interface port

Down-converters with inverted or non-inverted output spectrum available


The HP range of converters is particularly suited for use in VSAT, SCPC Networks, SNG, DVB-RCS and Hub systems. This makes them an ideal choice for large earth stations requiring cost effective solutions for frequency conversion. The lightweight, rugged and compact design also ensures that the HP converter provides the ideal solution for mobile truck or flyaway DSNG systems. With fully welded aluminium chassis and robust modular internal construction the converter can even meet the demands of military installations. The HP range of converters provides an industry leading MTBF of over 120,000 hours.


Ethernet port and SNMP Interface

Redundant Ready for 1:N (N=1..12)

1:1 Hot Swap Redundancy in a single 1RU chassis for single-channel converters

Rack mount set of slides


For customers requiring redundancy Advantech Wireless can provide 1:1, 1:2 and 1:N (up to 12) solutions. The 1:N redundancy is provided by the additional external 1:N Controller and Switch Panel. Each Switch Panel can handle up to four (4) converter units. A 1:12 system requires one Controller panel plus three Switch Panels. A complete 1:12 complete system occupies a space of 17U. For more details please see information in a datasheet for the 1:N Switch Controller.

We also provide 1:1 redundant converters in a single 1RU chassis containing two hot swappable drawers (trays). Designed for easy removal and replacement, each of drawers includes independent frequency converter, power supply and 10 MHz reference source modules. For 1:1 redundancy operation, the chassis has embedded input & output switches controlled by an embedded M&C unit switching automatically to the backup drawer upon failure of any module inside of the primary one. For more details please see information in a datasheet for the 1:1 Redundant 70/140 MHz to L-Band or L-Band to 70/140 MHz Converter.

Factory Reference: 70/140 MHz – L-band Up or Down Converter: Single/ Dual/ Triple/ Quad Channel

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