Advantech Ku-Band Single Synthesized Frequency Converter


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Ku-Band Single FCS301 Synthesized Frequency Up-Converter


Synthesized Frequency Up-Converters from FCS301 series are packaged in a compact standard 1RU enclosure. Their built-in instrumentation detector associated with discrete power thresholds alarms allows evolved system monitoring configurations. The straightforward front panel operation, and RS232 terminal mode enables quick on-site setup Offered remote management interfaces ensure complete flexibility of integration into existing or new installations. The user-friendly front panel or the RS485 remote interface will provide full set-up and fault monitoring facilities Ethernet option will allow the operator to pilot system operation either through SNMP or Web based interface. Delivered spectral purity, low phase noise and stability exceed the requirements of all major international satellite network operators. The system reference guaranteeing conversion function’s accuracy can optionally be provided externally, internally as a highly stable temperature compensated oscillator, or with auto-detection capacity that will use internal reference only in the absence of an externally provided one.


Built-in instrumentation RMS output detector

Adjustable output power threshold alarms

Outperforms IESS 308/309 phase noise by 3dB

Superior linearity

125 kHz step size

40dB attenuation control range

On-site reference aging correction capability

Intuitive front panel user interface

RS232 terminal and RS485 packet mode remote interface

10 operating gain and frequency


The FCS301 range of synthesized frequency converters operates in VSAT, SCPC Networks, DSNG/SNG, DVB-RCS and Hub systems. This makes them an ideal choice for large earth stations requiring cost effective solutions while maintaining equipment configuration flexibility. The lightweight and compact design makes the FCB100 converter as an ideal solution for mobile truck or flyaway DSNG systems. Its rugged construction can even meet the demands of military installations. The FCB100 range of converters provides an industry leading MTBF of over 120,000 hours.


1kHz step size

30dB maximum gain

75 ohms IF impedance

Group Delay equalization

Ethernet port with SNMP and Web interface

Autosensing Internal /External Reference

Input Monitor and Output Monitor

1:1 Redundant Ready

1:N Redundant Ready


The FCS-100 converter series redundancy options allow their incorporation in redundant system from 1:1 up to 1:12. 1:1 redundancy is performed with an additional redundancy shelf for a system size of 3RU. Higher order redundancy operates through a redundancy controller shelf with the extra benefit of a single bus for complete system M&C. Given each Switch Panel can handle up to four (4) converter units; a complete 1:12 system requires a space of 17U.

Factory Reference: Ku-Band Single FCS301 Synthesized Frequency Up-Converter

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