Advantech X-Band Block Outdoor Frequency Converter


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X-Band Block Outdoor Frequency Converter


The AWUB-LX and AWDB-XL are hub mount converters operating in the transmit and receive X bands.  They presents as integrated units with internal power supply, phase-locked oscillator, mixer and filters.   Other block converters are also available for operation at other frequencies.

The design of these units is based on Advantech Wireless industry proven reliable converters, resulting in MTBF exceeding 120 000 hours.


Converts L-band to X-band

Phase lock oscillator to 10MHz reference

Internal high stability 10MHz reference

Cost effective solution

High stability and excellent phase noise characteristics

Protection against out-of-lock condition

High linearity

Weatherproof package

Built-in power supply

CE marking


Designed for X-Band satellite applications, the AWUB-LX and AWDB-XL have been designed to interface easily with popular L-band modulators and can provide a full bandwidth operation over the whole X-band transmission range. These converters are designed to be completely self-contr4olled, therefore it does not require any operator intervention


Redundant system with automatic and manual switching

External reference

Reference and DC supply trough L band connector

Remote M&C panel

RS485 interface

Ethernet port

Factory Reference: X-Band Block Outdoor Frequency Converter

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