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4.5M antenna adopts Dual Shaped Compact Cassegrain precision-formed reflector mounted on a Az.over El. pedestal providing necessary stiffness and pointing accuracy required in Ku band operation. It is provided with a Rx/Tx (2 ports) feed with corrugated horn and OMT and is of optimized R.F. specification, operates in circular or linear polarization selectable manually and meets any requirements of customers for particular applications.

4.5M antenna meet the regulations of CCIR 580-4 and have been type approved by ASIASAT and INTELSAT. The 4.5M antenna can enter ASIASAT-2 and INTELSAT Network without the need of certification test after installation on sites.  

Frequency Range
Rx: 12.20 - 12.75 GHz
Frequency Range
Tx: 13.75 - 14.5 GHz
Rx: 53.0 dB min; Tx: 54.3 dB min.
Antenna Noise Temperature
50K @ 20° Elevation
Antenna Noise Temperature
60K @ 10° Elevation
Antenna Noise Temperature
44K @ 40° Elevation
Rx: 1.25: 1; Tx: 1.25: 1
Sidelobe Pattern
Beyond first sidelobe meet IESS(Intelsat) or CCIR 580-4 Recommendation
Sidelobe Pattern
First sidelobe level less than -14dB
Cross Pol. Discrimination
35dB (On axis) ; 30dB (within 1 dB Beamwidth)
Axial Ratio (CP only)
Rx: 0.5: 1; Tx: 0.5
Feed Insertion Loss
Rx: 0.50 dB; Tx: 0.50 dB
Power Handling Capability
1 KW
Port to Port Isolation
80 dB
Feed Interfaces
Rx: WR75F; Tx: WR75F
Azimuth Travel
120° continuous, 360° in total
Elevation Travel
0 to 90°
Shipping Weight
1500 kg
Shipping Volume
8.2 cube meter
Backup Structure
Pedestal Structure
Pedestal and Steel Structure: Sand blast and hot spray galvanized and two times paint
Reflector Surface: Aluminum panels with heat-diffusing white paint
5.0m x 5.0m
Antenna drive mode
Manual, Motorization drive optional
Operation Wind
50km/h gusts to 97km/h
Survival Wind
200km/h or 80m/s optional
Ambient Temperature
-40°C to +60°C
up to 100mm/h
Relative Humidity
up to 100%
Radial Ice (Survival)
25mm on all surface or 13mm on all surface with 130km/h wind gusts
Shock & Vibration
As encountered during shipment by commercial air, sea or truck
Corrosive atmosphere
As encountered in coastal regions and/or heavily industrialized areas
Seismic (Survival)
0.1G’s vertical
Seismic (Survival)
0.3G’s horizontal

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