7.3m Antenna

C-Band 4-Port


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The antenna system consists of dual shaped Cassegrain reflectors with backup structure, a frequency reused feed assembly with corrugated horn, an elevation-over-azimuth limit motion kingpost pedestal., the hub connecting the main reflector with mount. The pedestal provides the guaranteed pointing accuracy required in C band operations.

Antenna system is characteristic of high gain, low sidelobes, low cross polarization, capable for frequency reuse both in transmit and receive bands, high driving/control accuracy  with  angle position display in high resolution.

The radiation patterns meet the associated requirements of INTELSAT IESS, and CCIR for satellites at 2 degrees spacing location in geo- stationary orbit.

Frequency Range
Tx: 5.850 - 6.425 GHz
Frequency Range
Rx: 3.625 - 4.200 GHz
Rx: 47.9 dB min; Tx: 51.6 dB min.
Antenna Noise Temperature
29K @ 40° Elevation
Antenna Noise Temperature
32K @ 20° Elevation
Antenna Noise Temperature
42K @ 10° Elevation
Rx: 1.3: 1; Tx: 1.3: 1
Sidelobe Pattern
Beyond first sidelobe meet IESS(Intelsat) or CCIR 580-4 Recommendation
Sidelobe Pattern
First sidelobe level less than -14dB
Cross Pol. Discrimination
35dB (On axis) ; 30dB (within 1 dB Beamwidth)
Axial Ratio (CP only)
Rx: 0.5: 1; Tx: 0.5
Feed Insertion Loss
Rx: 0.25 dB; Tx: 0.20 dB
Power Handling Capability
3 KW
Port to Port Isolation
80 dB
Feed Interfaces
Rx: CPR-229G; Tx: CPR-137F
Pedestal Type
Limited Motion, El.over Az., Kingpost
Azimuth Travel
180° in total
Elevation Travel
0 to 90°
Polarization Travel
Backup Structure
Pedestal Structure
Reflector Surface: Aluminum panels with heat-diffusing white paint
Pedestal and Steel Structure: Sand blast and hot spray galvanized and two times paint
Surface Accuracy
Antenna drive mode
Motor Drive
Operation Wind
50km/h gusts to 97km/h
Survival Wind
Ambient Temperature
-40°C to +60°C
up to 100mm/h
Relative Humidity
up to 100%
Radial Ice (Survival)
25mm on all surface or 13mm on all surface with 130km/h wind gusts
Shock & Vibration
As encountered during shipment by commercial air, sea or truck
Corrosive atmosphere
As encountered in coastal regions and/or heavily industrialized areas
Seismic (Survival)
0.1G’s vertical
Seismic (Survival)
0.3G’s horizontal