13.0m Antenna

Ku-Band 4-Port 2Tx/2Rx


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The 13.0m antenna system, designed and manufactured with CAD, can be applied to the newly updated INTELSAT (IESS) standard earth station. The antenna system consists of dual shaped Cassegrain reflectors, a frequency reuse feed network with corrugated horn, an elevation-over-azimuth limit motion kingpost pedestal. The backup structure for the reflector, the hub connecting the main reflector with mount and the pedestal provides the guaranteed pointing accuracy required in normal operation.

The main reflector diameter consists of 80 precision stretch formed aluminum panels riveted with the rings and radials in three rings.

Antenna system is characteristic of high gain, low sidelobes, low cross polarization, capable for frequency reuse both in transmit and receive bands, high driving/control accuracy with angle position display in high resolution.

The radiation patterns meet the associated requirements of INTELSAT (IESS), FCC and CCIR for 2 degree spacing location of geostationary satellites.

Frequency Range
Tx: 13.75 - 14.5 GHz
Frequency Range
Rx: 10.95 - 12.75 GHz
Rx: 62.6 dB min.; Tx: 63.6 dB min.
Antenna Noise Temperature
87K @ 5° Elevation
Antenna Noise Temperature
73K @ 10° Elevation
Antenna Noise Temperature
65K @ 20° Elevation
Antenna Noise Temperature
50K @ 40° Elevation
Pattern Beamwidth -3dB
Rx: 0.13°; Tx: 0.11°
Rx: 1.3: 1; Tx: 1.3: 1
Sidelobe Pattern
Beyond first sidelobe meet IESS(Intelsat) or CCIR 580-4 Recommendation
Sidelobe Pattern
First sidelobe level less than -14dB
Cross Pol. Discrimination
35dB (On axis) ; 30dB (within 1 dB Beamwidth)
Feed Insertion Loss
Rx: 0.50 dB; Tx: 0.60 dB
Power Handling Capability
1 KW CW (2 KW high power option) per port
Port to Port Isolation
Tx/Rx: 85 dB min. (with TRF)
Port to Port Isolation
Tx/Tx: 30 dB min.
Port to Port Isolation
Rx/Rx: 30 dB min.
Feed Interfaces
Rx: WR75F; Tx: WR75F
Azimuth Travel
180° in two 100° in overlapping sectors continuous
Azimuth Travel Rate
Elevation Travel
0 to 90°
Elevation Travel Rate
Polarization Travel
Polarization Travel Rate
Backup Structure
Pedestal Structure
Operation Wind
45 mph (72 km/h) gusts to 60 mph (97 km/h)
Survival Wind
Ambient Temperature
Survival: -30°C to +60°C
Ambient Temperature
Operational: -15°C to +50°C
up to 4 in/h (10 cm/h), lasting 10 minutes
Relative Humidity
up to 100%
Radial Ice (Survival)
25mm on all surface or 13mm on all surface with 130km/h wind gusts
Shock & Vibration
As encountered during shipment by commercial air, sea or truck
Corrosive atmosphere
As encountered in coastal regions and/or heavily industrialized areas
Seismic (Survival)
0.3G’s horizontal
Seismic (Survival)
0.1G’s vertical

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