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Satellite Modem


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The CDM-570A-IPEN and the CDM-570AL-IPEN are our next generation IP-centric satellite modems with data encryption that provide industry-leading performance and flexibility in a 1 RU package at a very competitive price. With their innovative architecture and support for advanced capabilities including VersaFEC-2 high performance LDPC, VersaFEC® low latency LDPC Forward Error Correction (FEC), the revolutionary DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier® bandwidth compression, and optimized transmit filter rolloffs, the CDM-570A-IPEN and CDM-570AL-IPEN allow for efficient IP networking and transport over satellite links while supporting a wide range of applications and network topologies. 

This combination of advanced technologies enables multi-dimensional optimization, allowing satellite communications users to: 

• Minimize operating expenses (OPEX)

• Maximize throughput without using additional transponder resources

• Maximize availability (margin) without using additional transponder resources

• Minimize capital expenses (CAPEX) by allowing a smaller BUC/amplifier and/or antenna

Or, a combination to meet specific business needs

The modems are available with 70/140 MHz or L-Band IF. In addition to the 10/100Base-T Ethernet traffic interface, CDM-570A/L-IPEN include serial and G.703 data interfaces to support legacy applications and assist in migrating from legacy to IP transport. 


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