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The Newtec MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway brings density in hubs and terminals on top of satellite link efficiency. This results in OPEX and CAPEX savings in a multitude of applications. Its density and the support of DVB-S2X gets its full value in distribution networks to towers or head-ends. It is also fit for broadcast contribution applications on standard and HTS spot-beam transponders or for dense DTH uplink stations. In closed video distribution networks, AES encryption of the baseband frames results in extra security on physical layer level.


Maximum configurations:

- 4 x DVB-S2X carrier modulator

- 3 x DVB-S2X carrier modulator with optional ASI interfaces

- 2 x DVB-S2X carrier modulator and one demodulator with optional ASI interfaces

- 3 x DVB-S2X carrier demodulator (with dual L-band input)

- 2 x DVB-S2X carrier demodulator with one modulator and optional ASI interfaces

Minimum symbol rate: 256 kbaud

Maximum symbol rate: 133 Mbaud

Data rates up to 425 Mbit/s

IF (70/140) and L-Band (950-2150) high power outputs

Very high bandwidth efficiency, ease of monitoring and control leads to Low Total Cost of Ownership 

- DVB-S2X, DVB-S2, DVB-DSNG/S compliant

- QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK, 64APSK, 128APSK and 256 APSK

- Up to 15% bandwidth gain with optional Equalink® 3 pre-distortion 

- Up to 15% bandwidth efficiency gains (on top of DVB-S2) with Clean Channel Technology® 

- Multistream CCM or VCM mode with ISSY

Highest system reliability and service uptime

- Redundancy with main TS over ASI and back-up TS over IP input

- Optional Seamless Switching acc. SMPTE 2022-7 on TS over IP inputs

- Carrier-based redundancy switching in a multiple modulator 1:1 configuration

- TS null packet stuffing detector

- Built-in TS Analyser with PCR jitter measurements

- RFI reduction using optional DVB RF Carrier ID (DVB-CID) and NIT table CID (default)

- Market leading RF purity and performance

- PRBS generator for link performance tests

Remote in-band management

Remote over-the-air software upgrade

Optional 4 x MPE encapsulators / decapsulators up to 70 Mbps

Optional AES encryption / decryption up to 140 Mbps

Optional BISS scrambler/descrambler up to 130 Mbps

Optional DVB-S2X Channel Bonding modulator up to 425 Mbps